Affliction Day Of Reckoning

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Oh my damn! Day of Reckoning had some brutal knockouts… Belfort destroyed Lindland with a monster left hand followed up with 5 more. Lindland went limp and was out like a light.

Lindland gets KO'd

Lindland gets KO'd


My favorite MMA fighter, Andrei Arlovski, despite being knocked out at 3:14 of the first round showed that Fedor Emelianenko can be beaten. Arlovski was getting the better of the stand up game until he decided to be a little too aggressive and got caught. It would have been nice to see the fight go longer, had Arlovski not been caught by Fedor’s right hand he would have had a good chance to hand Fedor his first ligament loss. Next weekend (2009-01-31) is UFC 94 with the headline match of PJ Penn taking on Georges St. Pierre for St. Pierre’s 170 pound championship.


Watch out apple…

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…the Canadians are coming for you. If you don’t know, you don’t know. It’s the blackberry storm, I need one! They don’t come out until the 21st of this month.  I shall have one on release day…….iPhone Killa?


UFC 90 part 2

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The under card headliner for UFC 90 will be a great match as well. Thiago “The Pitbull” Alvez Vs Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez. Both of these men are up and coming fighters in the 170 pound weight class. The winner of this fight will have to be the #1 contender for George St. Pierre’s welterweight title. Thiago Alvez destroyed Matt Hughes in his last fight and Diego Sanchez has been mowing through people since he won the first ever Ultimate Fighter TV show.

Thiago Alvez talking about the fight:

Diego Sanchez talking about the fight:

By the way….Alvez is probably the “biggest” 170 pounder you have ever seen in your life…

UFC 90

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Is going to be awesome! The headline for the card is Patrick “The Predator” Côté taking on Anderson “The Spider” Silva for Silva’s 185 pound UFC middleweight championship. The smart money is on Silva after he has walked through the 185 pound division. Côté is a great fighter who has won 5 fights in a row and currently holds 3 titles (none of them in the UFC though).

Oh Shit!

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The Patriots are felted for the season…I see no better then 9-7 or 10-6. Tom Brady appears to be done for the year.

The early prognosis is torn ACL which would put him out for the remainder of the season. The Patriots are now going to have to go with Matt Castle as the starting QB. Castle has never started a game in his NFL career nor did he start in college. He had a sweet gig at USC where he sat behind Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart and collected two national championship rings. He was drafted by the Patriots and has collected at least one if not two super bowl rings sitting behind Tom Brady. In an effort to help the Patriots be half decent this year, they are working out Chris Simms….

Son of the great Giants QB Phill Simms, former University Of Texas star QB, Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB, Spleen less, can’t make it as the Baltimore Ravens backup QB….yeah, that Chris Simms. God help the Patriots this year, it’s gonna be painful!

I’ve decided…

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….Katy Perry’s hot! She reminds me of a younger Heather Renée Sweet aka Dita Von Teese.

Katy                                                                                                            Dita













I’m not saying they look all that much alike, I’m just saying she (Katy) reminds me of Dita. Katy reminds me of someone as well, but I can’t think of who…

It comes…

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…for you!  Freakin DECO had a money metal free kick for the one and only goal scored yesterday in the Chelsea match. Chelsea were winners 1-0 against Wiegand Athletic. Go Chelsea. If you haven’t seen DECO’s free kick, you need to check ESPN or something for it. I looked on youtube but they do not have it. It was money! Right over the top of the wall into the top left corner. Chelsea are 2-0 on the season with 5 goals for and 0 against. Top of the EPL table.