Below is a sampling of words you may hear me throw around…this will help you understand how I speak.

#1 Seed (adj.) – Derived from the NCAA college basketball tournament selections. Describes the top of the top.

My #1 seed as far as car manufacturers go is Audi

Beat Down (v.) – Beating someone/something really bad. (see Pummel)

The Patriots gave the Redskins the beat down last year

Butt (adv.) – Very, Extremely; usually used as a prefix

It’s butt cold outside

Cised (v.) – To be excited

I’m all kinds of cised for _______

Donkey (n.)  – Used to refer to someone as an ass, or one who has made a fool out of him/herself.

That donkey sucks ass at driving

Flet/Felted (adj.) – Refers to something very poor or of low quantity.

I have 3 lanyards left in my safe, I’m down to the felt

Haney (adj.) – used to refer to a woman who is extremely unattractive 

That chick is way haney

Hapa (adj.) – Someone who’s ethnicity is half Asian half something else

His mom is Korean and his dad is Caucasian that makese him hapa

Hee-Haw (n.) – Used as an alternate for Donkey

What a hee-haw he is 

Hurting (n./adj.) – refers to a man or woman who is unattractive, something that is low-quality, or virtually anything undesirable.

That chick is hurting

Darius Miles is from a hurting hood

Joan (n./v.) – insult

You love to joan

Money (a.) – describes something awe-inspiring, of high quality, or merely good. When something is extremely good, it may be termed “Money Metal”.

The Detroit Redwings are a money hockey squad.

Audi makes money metal automobiles

Nubbins (v.) – something of poor quality, something very small, miniscule

He drives a nubbins 1985 Saturn.

Pummel (v.) – beating someone/something really bad.

Kelly Pavlik pummeled Jermain Taylor in their first fight

Quapa (adj.) – Someone who’s ethnicity is one quarter Asian and three quarters something else

I am one quarter Korean and three quarters Caucasian, that makes me quapa

Rock it (v.) – To wear, in particular something representing “your squad”.

I will so rock a Chelsea FC jersey to the game.

Salty (adj.) – to feel embarrassed or upset as a result of being wronged by another

How salty will those idiots be when they realize I turned off their badges?

Show (n.) – something ridiculous

It a freakin show how cold it is outside!

Silly (n./adj.) – a superior or superlative example of something

The new Audi R8 is silly

Sleep (v.) – To forget, ignore, or underestimate something

You sleep on Michael Ballack’s ability

Squad (n.) – Professional sports team you root for

Chelsea FC is my squad!

Struggling (adj.) – hard time

After a long night of drinking I was struggling at work

The Sturch (n./v.) – The act of stealing money and or food from a passed-out sex partner.

I woke up the next morning and was hungry so I made breakfast for myself and her roommate before I rolled out, so yeah, I guess I sturched her.

Swoll/Swole (v.) – To become enlarged. Derived from ‘swollen’ and taken from a quote by NBA player Allen Iverson. Once, while being questioned by reporters on his work ethic, Iverson responded, “So if I came back all swoll, would they just hand me the MVP?”

My arms are all kinds of swoll from going to the gym yesterday.

Trifling (a.) – Used to describe something as a lowly, sad or disappointing.

That movie was trifling

Wear It (n.) – To put someone in their place

He irritated the piss out of me so I put him in is place by telling him to Wear it!

Whore (v.) – To screw someone over or to get screwed over yourself.

I so got whored when the Patriots didn’t cover.

Zippy (a.) – To have/be a little or non-existent amount of.

I don’t have any clothing related to England, so I’m rocking zippy clothing.


2 Responses to “Dictionary”

  1. where did you come up with all this?

  2. I’m just “money metal” like that!

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