UFC 100 Predictions

With UFC 100 only one day away, I’m going to make some predictions for the main card only.

1. Yoshihiro Akiyama Vs Alan Becher: I know absolutely NOTHING about either of these fighters so I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and go with Akiyama.

2. Dan “Hendo” Henderson Vs Michael “The Count” Bisping:  My prediction is Dan Henderson by decision based upon experience and hunger. Bisping is becoming a better fighter ever time I see him, but I think Henderson will be able to hold off and win the decision.

3. Jon Fitch Vs Paulo Thiago: Thiago comes into this  undefeated (11-0) and Fitch comes in looking to work his way back up to top contender status for the 170Lb title.  Fitch is more experienced/well rounded of the two fighters. I look for Fitch to win this one by submission.

4. Georges “Rush” St. Pierre Vs Thiago “Pit bull” Alves: Both men are excellent fighters, however I think St. Pierre is a one of a kind fighter. He comes into this fight as the 170 pound champion, fresh off handing B.J. Penn his ass in a title defense. His only two losses are to Matt Sara and Matt Hughes. He later defeated Matt Hughes not once, but twice. Both times St. Pierre walked through Hughes without a problem. Alves has been exactly as his nickname suggests inside the octagon…a pit bull. He’s mowed through opponents, including Matt Hughes. He’s a HUGE 170Lb fighter, he’ll be a great test for St. Pierre as far as strength goes. I think St. Pierre will win the fight by stoppage in the 4th round.

5. Brock Lesnar Vs Frank Mir: Frank Mir does hold a victory over Lesnar, however this was Lesnar’s first fight in UFC and was dominating Mir. The fight was stopped because he hit Mir in the back of the head multiple times prompting a stoppage for Mir to recover. Upon the restart, Lesnar was able to take Mir down again, but he made one mistake. He left his legs wide open and Mir was able to grab him and put him in a knee bar forcing Lesnar to tap out. This fight is kind of hard to pick, I’m going to go with Mir by submission because of experience, and I think he wants it more.


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