…stands for “Donkey Of the Week”. Here’s my D.O.W. for this week.


The only thing I do give her, is she’s from Tennessee, people down there just aren’t all that with it. They process a little slower.

Case and point…my girlfriend in college used to go to Tennessee every year with her mom to visit family. She’s born and raised in the DC/Metro area, so she doesn’t have an accent or as the ‘necks refer to it a southern draw. She was standing in line one day at the grocery store with her mom and they were conversing, the girl at the cash register proclaimed to my then girlfriend and her mother “Ya’ll got some funny ack-saints!” followed up with the question “Ya’ll from England er somethin’?” My then girlfriend and her mother just laughed at the girl and her mother responded “Yeah, or something…”


~ by laracroftssidekick on 2009.Wednesday.June.17..

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