You don’t know….

…who Lyoto Machida is! Ok, if You’re a UFC fan you might know who he is. If you’re a UFC fan and don’t know who he is, you should know or you will learn VERY quickly who he is. As of Saturday, March 23RD Machida is the UFC light heavy weight (205Lb) champion. He defeated Rashad Evans in devistating fashion. Rashad was out before he hit the mat…it was most excellent. The funny thing about the fight, betting odds wise, was Rashad, who at the time was the champion, was actually +245. Machida was -200, the challenger going into the fight was the favorite, which almost never happens. If it does happen it’s usually something close like -105 to -125 range.

The knock on the guy always was karate will not do well in UFC, it’s too defensive, it doesn’t work well in a mixed martial arts environment. Machida has time and time again proved that theory to be incorrect. The man is undefeated in his MMA and UFC career. Being a karate fighter, he has a very odd stance in a fight. He stands back on his heals and leans his head back as he throws punches and kicks. He also holds his hands very low when he’s out of his oponents striking range. It’s worked for him so far and hopefully it will continue to work.

Rashad KOed

Rashad KOed

Link to the fight


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